Exotic coworking

As a freelancer I’ve always been very pratical regarding where I work from. So far I’ve always compared price, location and desk setup. During my last work retreat I realized I’ve left out the most important one.. networking! Not as in Mb/s (even though that’s important as well) but as in building professionel relationships.

Desk setup

I was stationed at a cheap co-working space in Thailand with a solid fiber connection (all chosen via my old method), and quickly came to realize the value and importance of other peoples input. Plus it was super nice to have a wide range of people with different skills available (“for free”). This helped me build my project and gave a ton of new ideas I defenently wouldn’t have considered on my own.

So big thanks to all the wonderful people I’ve meet! <3

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Stefan Rasmussen (@okydk)

Full-stack developer and founder of grid.studio and F117.